Our volunteer program is named “Dilo Makwati.” This is short for the Setswana Proverb “dilo makwati di kwatabolotswa mo go ba bangwe” meaning “brilliant ideas and learning is generated from interactions with other people." This proverb contains a principal concept incorporated within the culture at Love Botswana: investing AND embracing the best of what we have to offer one another.

In Africa as a whole, and Botswana specifically, the culture supports a belief in life-long learning through the promotion and sharing of work and experiences within the context of this two-way exchange. Our volunteer programs reflect this belief through the provision of interactive opportunities at the local, national and international level for individuals, families, groups and organizations.


Love Botswana Outreach Mission offers a unique, comprehensive, three-month internship programme to nurture the missions calling in the lives of those who feel led to pursue a foreign assignment.

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The Daniel Internship is a programme for young men and women who have regularly participated in the Mission youth empowerment programs, have completed their high school studies and are waiting to enroll in tertiary (college). It is a 3-9 month term of service with the Love Botswana youth programmes, particularly the Reach4Life abstinence-focused programmes in the local schools.

This programme provides young people with the opportunity to develop job skills, equips them with relevant trainings and opens awareness of a future life of ministry. More information about this programme can be provided through The Village Church office. Application forms will be available on-line soon.

Mission Teams

Unique, short-term ministry experiences are offered in education (through the international school), HIV/AIDS prevention (through the Lorato House Rescue Centre, Community Outreach and various youth programmes), social outreach, and church development (through Branch Church Programme).

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Love Botswana Outreach Mission is a pioneering organization, a growing and developing ministry that focuses on equipping indigenous leaders to effectively reach their communities for Christ. Our staff is a team, working together to reach the ministry goals, accomplish the vision, and impact lives in Southern Africa. Our staff team is a diverse group of many nationalities, young and adult, single and married.

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