The Life Centre

The Life Centre was built to meet a need in the Maun community of providing a recreational facility geared towards attracting young people, that will expose them to a safe and fun environment without introduction to and contact with harmful and addictive lifestyles.

The facility was established in 2012, when Love Botswana celebrated its 25th anniversary. For young people it serves as a recreational facility, for the rest of the community, including the business community, it provides a place to host conferences, rallies, various types of celebrations, and other activities and events through the gym, studio, boardroom, etc.

The main auditorium has the capacity to house 2,000 delegates, and when the carpets are rolled up, an in-door basketball court is revealed where various sports can be enjoyed. The Centre also has a games room (Zone 5:17), a recording studio (Studio 7), an upper and lower balcony, a gym (Life Fitness Gym), conference and cry-rooms, large projectors, and Love Botswana offices.

Love Botswana offices and Village Church are also housed at The Life Centre.

Life Fitness Gym, whose doors officially opened in May2016, is a fitness centre that is fully equipped with the best equipment, which is easily accessible, and affordable.

Activities at the Life Fitness Gym include:

  • Cardio & Muscle Building
  • Personal Training
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamp
  • Sports Specific Conditioning Classes
  • Aerobics
  • Visit the Life Fitness Gym Facebook page for more information.

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    A recording studio with top of the range equipment where poetic and musical peices (albums and jingles) can be recorded. The studio is also ideal for professional photoshoots and videography. Studio 7 works in partnership with United Christian Broadcasters Africa.