This programme was established formally in 2004 in order to carry out the aims of the Mission through the provision of services that would address the social welfare and community needs of disadvantaged children, youth and their families at large. The end goal of the programme is to support and enable those in need so that they might move from crisis to self-sufficiency.

The Support a Family programme assists disadvantaged individuals in the community through ongoing case management support on a longer term basis. Assistance includes counseling, skills training, community referrals and assistance with basic life needs such as food, clothing, minor home repair, etc. These families might also be the families of children who were formerly sponsored through the Support a Child Programme. It provides a seamless transition for families and children in order to facilitate the empowerment of the family as it moves toward self-sufficiency. Families and individuals sponsor these families on an ongoing basis, usually with a year-to-year commitment depending on the identified needs and the desires of the donor family.
At times in Botswana, like in most countries, there are circumstances that can lead women to abandon or neglect their babies. Since 2009, the Mission has provided a stable and loving refuge for infants and children in crisis through its Lorato House Rescue Centre.
The Support a Child Programme assists disadvantaged children who have been referred by community agencies or the Social Services Department of the government as being in ongoing need. This need might be in the area of schooling, crisis intervention and case management, family management, food, clothing and other. Case management support is ongoing throughout the sponsorship period and includes support of the extended family of the child. These children are sponsored financially by individual families and individuals who want the opportunity to provide financial on a one-on-one basis those in need.